What if you started blogging today?

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Today’s Blogathon theme day suggests us to begin our post with “If I started blogging today, I would…”. I’m not sure talking about me would be that fascinating. But I thought about you, readers.

My question is: And what if YOU started blogging today? What could I tell you, since I’ve been blogging daily for the past 23 days?

The first thing I would think about is this: Forget about your doubts, just do it!

Here are 3 of the doubts that I’ve used again and again as an excuse not to start anything.

1 – “I will never have the time.”

Yes, you can make time to do it. It’s not as time consuming as you imagine. Yes I have a job and a family, but guess what: blogging daily is like a breath of fresh air in my daily routines. I can write about what I want, and then exchange with other people about it. It gives me space.

2 – “I don’t know what to blog about.”

Yes, you will find something to say. If you are passionate about something, just blog about it. There has to be at least one thing that is important to you. This is what you should blog about. Don’t bother to check if it’s an original or trendy topic. If you care about it, then it’s worth blogging about it. You can share what you know and also connect to other people who know more. It’s always an occasion to learn something.

3 – “I’m not sure my targeted audience will like it.”

Don’t worry too much about what your blog might look like to others. One of my other bad excuses was that I wanted to care for my image. But well, with nothing on my blog, I had not much of an image to care for. So just blog and you can figure things out afterwards. Nothing prevents you from changing your editorial line if you feel it’s necessary. You are free to take your blog in the direction that you want, whenever you decide it.


Now, these objections seem quite ridiculous, don’t they? Don’t let this kind of doubts get in the way. Writing in a blog about things you are passionate about is just a wonderful experience and nothing should prevent you from doing and enjoying this. So quit reading this post and just blog!

If you care to share how you feel about this, the comments are wide open.


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