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Upside Down

What happened during the guest post exchange?

Yesterday, you’ve had the pleasure to read a wonderful post by Lisa Carter about Life as a literary translator.

In the meantime, Lisa hosted a post of mine, sharing my firts steps as a literary translator. I’m just quickly posting about it for those who might have missed it yesterday.

If you are interested in literary translation, you should definitely follow Lisa’s blog (aka Intralingo), as it’s all about the art & business of literary translation. I especially enjoy reading her posts because she always finds an angle that is interesting and original. You always learn something there.

It was really funny yesterday to see all kinds of new posts on many blogs. I’ve been looking for the people I usually follow to find them on some blogs I did not know about and I left comments in brand new places. This whole mix and match day was really nice and fun. Another great experience thanks to Blogathon !


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  1. Writing a guest post is a wonderful experience. I wrote my first guest post for Lisa Carter’s blog and she was a wonderful, kind and supportive « host ». I wanted to wait to grow my readership before I invite anyone to write guest post for my blog, but now when I have a decent number of daily readers I’m looking forward to have guest authors.I’m glad that you liked writing a guest post, I believe I felt that same way in the same situation.

    • I’m pleased to see you again Aleksandra. You are very wise. I had not thought of the readership sizes. And I confirm, Lisa is a wonderful host for guest post 🙂 So many good vibes in this Blogathon, I love it!

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