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Crazy Monday

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What happened during the guest post exchange? Yesterday, you’ve had the pleasure to read a wonderful post by Lisa Carter about Life as a literary translator. In the meantime, Lisa hosted a post of mine, sharing my firts steps as a literary translator. I’m just quickly posting about it for those who might have missed it yesterday. If you are interested in literary translation, you should definitely follow Lisa’s blog (aka Intralingo), as it’s all about the art & business of literary translation. I especially enjoy reading her posts because she always finds an angle that is...


Life as a Literary Translator

Posté par le 14 Mai 2012 dans Actualité, Édition, English Posts, Guest Posts, Traduction | 14 commentaires

Today is Blogathon Guest Post Exchange day. I’m very very happy to welcome Lisa Carter. Since she’s the one who inspired me to participate in this Blogathon, it seemed really logical that I invited her here. Today, Lisa will share with us some of the aspects of her life as a literary translator. Thank you, Lisa and happy reading to you all ! In any social or professional situation, the first question a new acquaintance asks is, « What do you do? » I feel a smile stretch across my face as I reply, « I’m a literary translator, from Spanish to...