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5 Blogathon Game/Theme Posts

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  This week, I’ve had a rough time following up all the wonderful blogs, so here is a very quick glance at the few I managed to read and enjoy: Marking Milestones in Space –  This post by Anne Wainscott-Sargent combines haiku & space travel. Quite inspiring! The letter game – Some fellow blogathoners are « playing » a funny little game in which you have to list 10 things you love about one letter. Here is the L by Masha, the S by Carrie A. Schmeck & the J by Julie Farrar… and it goes on and on. Wonderful game. The ABCs of me...


Do you Haiku?

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  Today is Blogathon Haiku Day. I took this occasion to read a bilingual collection of haiku by Jack Kerouac, which was a great way for me to enjoy reading poetry & thinking about translation at the same time. Here is a video (well mostly audio actually) of him reading some of his haiku to the sound of jazz riffs : As far as I’m concerned, I never wrote any haiku before, so here are my first tries. I must confess I really liked the idea. I’m sure that with a little more work & thinking, I could come up with nice pieces. I’ll definitely write other haiku ! Since I’m...