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Blogathon Wrap-Up

Posté par le 3 Juin 2012 dans Actualité, Écriture, English Posts | 2 commentaires

In May, I took up the challenge of posting on my blog each and every day. And today, I can say: I did it! I regret I could not participate in the wrap-up twit-chat on Friday. So here is my own personal wrap-up.   What was your favorite part of the blogathon? The theme days were probably the most exciting. I tried to tackle the subject the best I could. And once I was done, I was really eager to discover how the others had dealt with it. I also really enjoyed discovering other people that shared the same interests as me, but living in distant places. I can hardly imagine how their daily...


What if you started blogging today?

Posté par le 23 Mai 2012 dans Actualité, Écriture, English Posts | 0 commentaire

Today’s Blogathon theme day suggests us to begin our post with “If I started blogging today, I would…”. I’m not sure talking about me would be that fascinating. But I thought about you, readers. My question is: And what if YOU started blogging today? What could I tell you, since I’ve been blogging daily for the past 23 days? The first thing I would think about is this: Forget about your doubts, just do it! Here are 3 of the doubts that I’ve used again and again as an excuse not to start anything. 1 – “I will never have the time.” Yes, you can make time to do it....