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Blogathon Wrap-Up

Posté par le 3 Juin 2012 dans Actualité, Écriture, English Posts | 2 commentaires

In May, I took up the challenge of posting on my blog each and every day. And today, I can say: I did it! I regret I could not participate in the wrap-up twit-chat on Friday. So here is my own personal wrap-up.   What was your favorite part of the blogathon? The theme days were probably the most exciting. I tried to tackle the subject the best I could. And once I was done, I was really eager to discover how the others had dealt with it. I also really enjoyed discovering other people that shared the same interests as me, but living in distant places. I can hardly imagine how their daily...


Wordle Surprise

Posté par le 28 Mai 2012 dans Actualité, Écriture, English Posts, Numérique | 0 commentaire

Today is Blogathon Wordle day! Here is the result for my blog: Funny, as I did not realize I had been talking so much about the Waldgänger e-book series (just 1 post)… Since I’m blogging both in French & English, Wordle could only delete the common words for 1 language, I tried to delete the most of it manually. It’s the first time I’m using Wordle and it’s quite interesting as it can help you point out things you write about without even realizing it. I should do it on a regular basis. Are you happy with your Wordle today?   You might also like other...


5 Blogathoners’ posts about books

Posté par le 13 Mai 2012 dans Actualité, Édition, English Posts | 2 commentaires

During this second Blogathon week, I read 5 posts about books that I found especially interesting. Editorial, marketing, and design consultant Laura Orsini shares 8 mistakes to avoid when designing your book cover. Experienced Writer, Trainer and Consultant Jodi Torpey shared her business writing resources. Which reminded me that Blogathon host Michelle Rafter also shared her 5 favorite books on writing. Librarian & book reviewer Katy Mank made me discover a French book I had not heard about previously, but that looks like a really nice read. Communications strategist and...


Meet the Blogathoners

Posté par le 6 Mai 2012 dans Actualité, English Posts | 12 commentaires

Since the vast majority of Blogathoners blogs in English, I’ll write this post in English too. This year, there are over 200 particpants in the Wordcount Blogathon. Participating myself, it’s not always easy to find time to blog and to read & comment on others’. In these first few Blogathon days, here are those who retained my attention (I’m sure there will be tons of others as days go by).   Independent business editor, reporter and blogger Michelle Rafter posts news, tips and advice for self-employed writers & has been hosting the Wordcount Blogathon challenge since...