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Do you BuJo?

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So, in September, that was it, I needed to do something. I tried to dig a bit further behind the beautification of the objects themselves, to understand what was really behind these « instagrammable » journals, and I discovered the origin of the whole phenomenon. Bullet journal is what Ryder Caroll, its creator, calls a rapid logging system. As he puts it in his website: all you need is a notebook and a pen.


The translation and reception of multilingualism in films

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Yesterday and today I attended the international colloquium held by Montpellier III University about audiovisual translation. The focus was on multilingualism in films. First, Reine Meylaerts delivered a conference about multilingualism, explaining that translation does not only occur between different cultures, but also within cultures (think about the countries where two languages are official and mandatory). I really liked her idea of seeing the translator as something other than a mere craftsman, more like a multilingual writer. Then there were several conferences to choose from. So here...


Blogathon Wrap-Up

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In May, I took up the challenge of posting on my blog each and every day. And today, I can say: I did it! I regret I could not participate in the wrap-up twit-chat on Friday. So here is my own personal wrap-up.   What was your favorite part of the blogathon? The theme days were probably the most exciting. I tried to tackle the subject the best I could. And once I was done, I was really eager to discover how the others had dealt with it. I also really enjoyed discovering other people that shared the same interests as me, but living in distant places. I can hardly imagine how their daily...


Wordle Surprise

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Today is Blogathon Wordle day! Here is the result for my blog: Funny, as I did not realize I had been talking so much about the Waldgänger e-book series (just 1 post)… Since I’m blogging both in French & English, Wordle could only delete the common words for 1 language, I tried to delete the most of it manually. It’s the first time I’m using Wordle and it’s quite interesting as it can help you point out things you write about without even realizing it. I should do it on a regular basis. Are you happy with your Wordle today?   You might also like other...


5 Blogathon Game/Theme Posts

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  This week, I’ve had a rough time following up all the wonderful blogs, so here is a very quick glance at the few I managed to read and enjoy: Marking Milestones in Space –  This post by Anne Wainscott-Sargent combines haiku & space travel. Quite inspiring! The letter game – Some fellow blogathoners are « playing » a funny little game in which you have to list 10 things you love about one letter. Here is the L by Masha, the S by Carrie A. Schmeck & the J by Julie Farrar… and it goes on and on. Wonderful game. The ABCs of me...


Graphic play on words

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This week, I had the immense delight to see the Tim Burton‘s exhibition at the Cinémathèque française in Paris (the Americans have already seen it at the MoMa & in LA). Here’s a little interview to give you an idea of what this is all about. Entretien exclusif avec Tim Burton par lacinematheque In there we can see loads of drawings from Burton (even some that he made on restaurant napkins!). At the beginning, you have a dark room with phosphorescent paintings on black velvet. Quite impressive and it makes you dive into the Burtonesque atmosphere… Then, you have...