« I have worked with Lise Capitan on several important projects for a customer who requires the highest quality in their French documentation.

On each occasion, I have appreciated Lise’s constant efforts to find the clearest, most natural French translation of challenging technical marketing material.

I have also appreciated her sense of dialogue whenever a question arises whether during internal or client proofreading.

Consequently, it is without hesitation that I recommend Lise as an excellent French translator. »

Douglas McCarthy – Open Globe


« I have been resorting to Lise’s translation services for a couple of years now and I can say her reliability has remained on the same high level since her first translation jobs.

Always ready to take on new projects (and eager to find a solution when a deadline is hard to keep), her translations are also accurate and creative when necessary.

Quality assurance is never neglected which makes Lise a suitable translator even for trickier translation orders. »

Vincent Grasset – Nintendo of Europe


« Outstanding translator, fast and reliable, never missing a detail. »

Béatrice Compagnon – Guerilla Translations


« Top quality, very professional and reliable translator as well as a very nice person. »

Igor Jovic – Guerilla Translations



Par ailleurs, voici quelques liens amis ou aimés. Le tout n’est bien sûr pas exhaustif.


La confrérie des forgerons

Antoine Chareyre – Traducteur de portugais et espagnol

Clara Domingues – Traductrice de portugais

Amantia Kapo – Traductrice de l’albanais

Rose Labourie – Traductrice de l’allemand

Lucie Roignant – Traductrice de l’allemand

Liste non exhaustive, découvrez les autres stagiaires de l’École de Traduction Littéraire du CNL à cet endroit.


Le réseau de l’édition

Jusqu’en septembre dernier, j’ai eu le plaisir de partager un bureau dans l’espace de coworking de La Fontaine O Livres.



François Bon


Olivier Manonni

André Markowicz


Maisons aimées

Terres lovecraftiennes

Éditions Callidor


Moutons électriques

Éditions du Nouvel Attila


Éditions Le Tripode