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Since the vast majority of Blogathoners blogs in English, I’ll write this post in English too.

This year, there are over 200 particpants in the Wordcount Blogathon. Participating myself, it’s not always easy to find time to blog and to read & comment on others’. In these first few Blogathon days, here are those who retained my attention (I’m sure there will be tons of others as days go by).


Michelle RafterIndependent business editor, reporter and blogger Michelle Rafter posts news, tips and advice for self-employed writers & has been hosting the Wordcount Blogathon challenge since 2008.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because it’s great to know we can find great ideas & support on this challenge).



Lisa CarterLiterary translator & writer Lisa Carter posts about the art & business of literary translation. She’s the one who inspired me to participate in this Blogathon challenge and I can already thank her for the wonderful moments I’m spending there.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because this is a great idea to open up and improve your translation).



AleksandraSerbian linguist Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic posts about translation and blogging.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because it is about some difficulty we often encounter in translation).




Rachel WardLiterary translator Rachel Ward posts every day about one or several children’s books in translation, following the alphabetical order. Until now, I noticed many French titles, which is nice & interesting.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because it talks about the famous Cinderella’s « pantoufle de vair/verre »)


Freelance translator & writer Marie-Louise posts about being a freelance translator, the translation industry & learning languages.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because it gives you a realistic eye on what translation freelancing is about).


Sheila CallahanFreelance journalist, writer, editor, translator and teacher Sheila Callahan posts about… many many things.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because I’m sure that admitting your own weaknesses helps you get stronger).



Annette GendlerNon fiction writer Annette Gendler posts about writing, teaching and publishing (among other things).

=> One recent post I liked reading (because I find she might have a point in there, but I’m not so sure actually…).



Mridu KullharAward-winning freelance journalist Mridu Khullar posts thoughts about freelancing & life.

=> One recent post I liked reading (because it’s sooo true).




You can also check out the whole list of the 250 participants right here.

Any of you reading has other blogs to recommend? Feel free to add some in the comments.


Images taken from the bloggers websites, I hope that’s OK for everyone!

12 Commentaires

  1. Look at you! Blogging in another language? Man, that takes chops, and girl, you’ve got them. Thank you for including mine in your roll of blogs. Merci!

    • Sheila, it’s my pleasure. Read you soon 😉

  2. Merci, Lise!

    • De rien, Rachel. J’ai hâte de découvrir la suite de l’alphabet des littératures jeunesse !

  3. Hi Lise

    Merci beaucoup! Great list, thanks for including me. Looking forward to more of your posts and good luck with the blogathon!

    • Thanks a lot, Marie-Louise. Good luck to you too 🙂

  4. Hi Lise,
    I’ve been keeping up with your Blogathon posts. Congratulations for blogging in English!
    I’ve been enjoying Lisa Carter’s blog for a while now, and I look forward to having a look at the other blogs you mentioned.
    Happy blogging!

    • Oh, nice to hear from you here, Catherine. Thanks, you too!

  5. Lise,
    What a great way to introduce readers to other writers. I’m very glad to be on your list and so pleased you joined Blogathon! There’s now a whole cadre of translator bloggers — so great. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Lisa! Read you soon 😉

  6. Thank you so much for the mention! And what a great list of blogs. I’m really enjoying checking everyone out.

    • I’m running late in my comments, but thanks for stopping by, Mridu. I really enjoy reading your daily posts.


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